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QR CODES: A cool tool for your business

QR CODES: A Cool Tool for Your Business

What is a QR Code?

*QR Code creative design by Julia McBurney Designs

QR stands for 'Quick Response' and are programmed to link cell phone users to specific web pages. Users download free 'QR Readers' from providers like TapMedia to their smart phones and scan a code which links them to a web page that is predetermined.




What are some benefits of using QR Codes?

QR Codes can have logos graphically incorporated into the code to extend brands and help bridge the gap between offline and online advertising. This interactive method gets users involved and creates an urge to action which is a great way to educate and inform customers in many forms. QR Codes ALSO help increase website and social media SEO as well- Have I sold you yet?

What is the cost involved? 

Zero cost! QR Codes are 100% free to generate using a QR Code generator such as TapMedia and if you would like your logo added in, for a custom QR code, talk to your designer (or moi) and that can be arranged for a reasonable fee.

How Can I Ensure Customers Scan my QR Code?

The best way to ensure customers are actively scanning your QR Codes is to create an urge to action. Get your customers excited with free recipes, free gifts, coupon savings, free printables, creative ways to use your product and so on. 
QR Code creative design by Julia McBurney Designs

Build a Database 

Offering a free gift or coupon savings when customers provide their email address is a great way to build a database of customers who are genuinely interested in your products or services. Use this database for your email advertising campaigns!

The One Disadvantage

One drawback we face with the QR Code is not everybody 'gets' how it works. Younger people understand you have to download a QR Reader first and that you have to open the app and hold to the code for it to scan however, older customers are not as aware of such technology. One way to help with this problem is educating your customers about how QR Codes work. When you have your QR Code appear in print have a caption beside that says 'Download your free QR Reader in the App Store'. It's all about educating your customers.

*Credits: Lobster Girl logo design by Byron Gilbert

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